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The 4 P's of the Development Process

Here at the academy there is:

Planning: Well this is an easy one, your kids all plan to play basketball for someone somewhere but they want to play at a high level, so it’s time to find a place to learn to play.

Preparation: Now that the choice is made we can prepare to play at a particular level or in a particular environment. Maybe it’s just to shoot in the backyard or maybe they have goals for high school or college ball. The foundation is the same but the total preparation is very different.

Performance: Allowing kids to run in a fast paced, open but controlled environment gives us the feedback we need to help them perform better each time they’re called upon. Every performance, practice or games, is a chance for me to evaluate the overall development and make necessary adjustments along the way.

And hopefully, if the development is great...

Perfection: Throughout the development process I’m taking notes on how the kids are performing and handling everything while under duress. Some will handle the speed of the game better than others, some will handle the physicality of the game better than others but the game will make each player think faster, while becoming more durable and stable just for participating.

As their teacher, I’ll closely analyze their performance metrics and the way that I teach so we all perform optimally at our tasks. My task is teaching kids to be successful at whatever they do using coaching and training techniques I’ve learned over the years. Come join us as we all seek runtime perfection.

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