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Life comes at us fast. If you’re not prepared for an opportunity you could miss out. And if you don’t plan for those coming opportunities you won’t be prepared for them. Not being prepared will negatively affect performance. And it’s our performance we want to perfect, knowing nobody’s perfect, we still strive for perfection.

Sports allow kids to work on the process of being prepared for opportunities.Sport allows kids to practice adapting to changing situations, attacking daunting tasks, facing down scary people and best of all, they learn to do it working as a team the whole time while still having individual opportunities to shine. 


And just like in life, you aren’t always able to choose your teammates but you have to perform well together to find success anyway. A kid will learn a lot about themselves from sports and if they’re given really good training in the sports they pursue, other opportunities may come from the focused efforts. No matter what, they’re better prepared for challenges.


I teach the game because the game taught me so much and I want to share the lessons I’ve learned. I love the game of basketball and I want each kid I work with to walk away as in love with the game of basketball as I am. And if they find themselves in line for those opportunities the sport might offer, then I want them well prepared to perform as close to perfect as possible.


Here at the academy we prepare kids to perform well in their own runtime environment. Whatever that ends up being.


Coach Brian Turner

 AAU Certified Coach

USA Youth Development Coach
AAU Boys Basketball

Jr. NBA Skills Challenge Host

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License #41786551

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