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Waves - Class of 2027

Waves is our Elite AAU team and at this level we're not only building on their prior experiences, but we go further by teaching more advanced skills and disciplines.  The Waves team is an elite travel team.
This next level continues to challenge players by introducing them to a faster paced game against local peers. So we gear the teaching to better prepare them for the game they'll see as kids around them get bigger and faster. 

The whole time they'll continue building friendships, while advancing their development. Basketball is supposed to be fun, and we never forget that at RBA.


We are currently holding free tryouts for elite players. 
If interested, please register below or email for details.

2022-23 Season:  14U D1 Division
March 2023 - March Mayhem Champs
Marquee Hoops AZ Winter Classic Dec 2022 8th Grade Champs
Prep National Championship 9/24/22-9/25/22
Sept 2022 - Ranked 5th West Coast Elite

Jalen Green Elite     SF WHPH     Team Just Respect Black   
Port City     Bay Area Wildcats     NBBA     Evolution Red   
Paytons Place     SJ Spartans   Team Dominate    LV Punishers
CV Assault     South Bay Magic Elite    Drive Nation    Team Huncho  
HOH2027   TNBA Select 2027  

AZ Winter Classic 8th Grade Champs
Celebrating Selfies
CP3 Combine Dallas 2022
1st Place Champs
Griff and Jen
Marlo @ CP3
Waves @ Drive Nation TX
1st Place Champs - Top Notch
CP3 2021
EBC 2019
CP3 Dallas 2022
Griff Top 40 CP3 2022
Devin and Mason (former Terabytes)
From Terabytes to Waves
Marlo and Leon
Coach and Devin
Feras and Ramzi Celebrating
Team Celebrations

2021-2022 Season:  13U D1 Division

Top Notch 1st Place Champs 8/27/2022

Wright Legacy     Nor Cal Elite     Paytons Place     NBBA
SF Soldiers     EG Royals     SF Rebels     Team Select Hall
Off the Dribble    OC Elite    Spartans     Team Blaze    Yellow Jackets
Team Hustle    Vallejo Generals    Hoopsphere    NorCal Bulls

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