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Our Classes

We use our class time to work on individual skills as well as team concepts. Kids get basic understanding and fundamental work on both offensive and defensive concepts each class. They’ll learn to be effective with and without the ball, individually and in their role as a team member. 

We’ll remove the fear and develop confidence so they can play against any competition. We do that by shining a light on the many details and nuances of the game. Once kids understand the game, how to “think the game”,  they’re ready for any challenge on or off the court.


Our classes are a full 90 minutes (60 mins for beginners) so we take time to work on skills and apply them in a scrimmage almost every week. The better the kids get the better the scrimmages and the more prepared they are for the games to come. 


You’ll see their basketball I.Q. improve throughout the courses and their confidence will go through the roof!


It’s fun to watch.

We currently offer beginner and intermediate classes in Menlo Park Area Gyms.

Please email if you would like to sign up or check out a class for free.  

Beginners (ages 5 - 11)
      Wed and Fri   
Beginners/Intermediate (ages 11-17) 
      Tues and Thurs 


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